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Warwickshire Rugby Football Union


The government has announced a framework for the return of recreational team sport which is applicable from Saturday 11 July. This is a welcomed development and a positive step towards the return of some form of competitive rugby. The framework was developed following discussions with other team sports, Sport England and the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport.

The next step is for the RFU to develop it's own rugby action plan, based on the framework, specifically considering the Coronavirus transmission risk and demonstrating mitigations and any adaptations to the game that are required. This will need to be agreed to by government, PHE and HSE before it can be implemented within clubs. Due to the intrinsic nature of rugby and the proximity of participants, it is recognised that there is the potential for an increased risk of droplet transmission. Working with expert medical advice and applying the activity exposure framework to various formats of rugby, we will update following our discussions with government. In the short term, it is likely that the format of rugby the community game is able to play will be a modified version, not the full 15-a-side game.

We will update the game as to when it can move to the next stage of the Return to Community Rugby Roadmap in the coming weeks. For now we remain at Stage B of the roadmap.

Under previously announced guidance, Premiership Rugby clubs moved to Stage 2: Elite Sport Return to Training Guidance on Monday 6 July, which allows for the resumption of close contact training. This involves a detailed set of protocols and includes a COVID-19 testing programme. Championship and Premier 15s clubs are eligible to return under the elite guidance should they chose to do so, or can follow the community return to rugby roadmap.

We will continue to provide updates to the game throughout the process. Please click below to remind yourself of the RFU's Return to Community Rugby Roadmap and read the latest framework for the return of recreational team sport announced by the government.

The position of Head Coach for the Warwickshire U18 Championship Squad has become vacant with the current coach moving on to another position. This is an exciting opportunity for the right person to get involved in representative rugby in the County. It also includes heading up the County U17 Development Squad.
The closing date for application is July 31 2020. Further information under Coaching.

I have some very sad news, I've had a call from Marcus Greenway this afternoon, and his father Derek has passed away with a rare form of liver cancer. All his family were with him. I am sure many will remember Derek both on the field as very good referee indeed, in business with Matrix Machine tools and as an administrator.
I will keep you informed as and when I know anything further,RIP Derek.
Ian Roberts.

WARNING 28/06/2020.
This is just a warning to all clubs that to be especially vigilant as to the fact that there seems to be at least one mobile ‘caravan’ club that have gained access without permission to at least one of the clubs in the South of the County. They have caused considerable problems for the club concerned in regards to their removal and clean up after they have left in regards to sanitisation etc.

Rugby World, the game’s best selling magazine, has applauded the 2019-20 league success of Warwickshire clubs Stratford-upon-Avon, Old Coventrians and Rugby Welsh in the recently published 60th anniversary July edition. Stratford were Midlands Two West (South) champions, Old Coventrians triumphed in Three West (South)) and Rugby Welsh in Five West (South). The link below shows how to obtain a copy without going to shops in these difficult times. Instead, it will be delivered directly to your door. This issue includes pieces covering 103 league champions across England, The articles, spanning 14 pages overall, describe how the respective winners clinched their titles, their strengths and leading scorers together with a list of captains and coaches who helped these champion clubs to fulfil their ambitions. There are also 14 photographs, comprising action images, celebration pictures, including one of Birstall, and team groups, A copy can be ordered via the link below and be sent by post.

RFU 12/06/2020
RFU Emergency Loans – 2nd Window Opening

Our second window of RFU Emergency Loans will be opening very shortly, criteria remains the same and we encourage Clubs to utilise if they are facing financial difficulty in the coming months prior to September. Please signpost Clubs to the Loans section on the website: https://www.englandrugby.com/participation/running-your-club/coronavirus/loans

If any Clubs do wish to discuss the loan further, please feel free to contact our Area Facilities Manager; Chloe McMorran.

RFU 09/06/2020
Disclosure and Barring Service application process to recommence on Wednesday 1 July.
Following discussions with the Disclosure and Barring Service, we have decided that it will re-open the DBS system on Wednesday 1 July. As many sports and physical activities are resuming, as well as education settings, we believe we should provide RFU members, as well as the Disclosure and Barring Service, with notice of a restart date in order to manage an anticipated increase in applications.
Clubs can now prepare for this re-opening in a number of ways:
• Clubs can prioritise those in the children’s workforce whose applications have expired, or who are new applicants ready for ID verification, and applications can be submitted from Wednesday 1 July.
• Clubs should carry out a safer recruitment process for new applicants including use of the volunteer forms to assess their suitability to work/ volunteering with children. The volunteer form can be found here.
• Club Safeguarding Officers and other ID verifiers should ensure that they have ready access to the DBS E Bulk system i.e. their account is active and password is known. If not, please contact dbseapp@rfu.com

Please note that Regulation 21 remains in force and clubs must not engage anyone, or appoint a volunteer, to work with children on a paid or voluntary basis who is not DBS cleared. While following social distancing guidelines, ID verification must take place in person.
While awaiting their DBS disclosure certificate, a person may temporarily work on a paid or voluntary basis with children provided that they are actively supervised at all times by a person who is DBS cleared by the RFU. This will apply to those who submitted applications prior to the cessation of the DBS process and who are still awaiting a certificate, as well as those applications submitted on and after Wednesday 1 July.
Any activity with children must follow the Return to Community Rugby Roadmap and comply with Regulation 15.8 ‘Season and Out of Season Activity’.
We expect all those involved in Age Grade Rugby to respect the principles in the Age Grade Codes of Practice and to comply with RFU Safeguarding Policy.
The welfare of children is paramount at all times. For any further help or support, please contact safeguarding@rfu.com

RFU 09/06/2020
Coaching risk assessment.
We have produced a Coaching Risk Assessment Template to support clubs with their return to play. As the government’s phased return of sport roadmap progresses, further risk assessments and guidance will be made available. Click below to read the risk assessment and access the roadmap for a return to community rugby that was published last week.

The RFU today announces a national roadmap to support a return to community rugby activity. This roadmap consists of six stages, Stage A relating to individual training with one other person, moving through to Stage F when there can be a return to competitive matches against other teams. We are currently at Stage B following the government’s announcement of 28 May.

We are now at Stage B so the following is allowed to be strictly adhered to:-

· Six individuals from different households may now meet up and engage in individual training.

· The two metre social distancing rule still applies and if a coach is involved they are part of the group of six.

· Equipment sharing (including balls) should be kept to a minimum and strong hand hygiene practice should be in place before and after.

· As physical contact with anyone outside of your house is currently not permitted, playing of any games (small sided or full) is also not permitted at this time.

· Parents/carers observing a session at a distance from a safeguarding perspective is permitted, without them being part of the participating group.

· While permissible for multiple small groups to be engaged in training at the same site, clubs must risk assess this properly and ensure that safe and adequate distancing between groups is strictly observed. This will be dependent on the activity being undertaken, however the RFU’s guidance would be that no more than one group should be active on each quarter of any pitch. So from my simple maths that is four groups of six in total.

· I understand that a Risk Assessment template is to be sent out from the RFU in due course

It is possible that we may remain at stage B for a while with potential amendments coming within the stage to reflect any revised government position. This could include, for example, an enlargement of the number of people permitted.

This does not mean the reopening of clubhouses.

The current position is that clubs are able to open indoor facilities only to allow access through the building to pitches, access to toilets and a facility (should appropriate licenses be held) for the serving of takeaway food and drinks.

The government issued further guidance regarding a phased return to sport and recreation on Sunday 31 May. This includes more detailed information regarding the use of equipment, including balls, and the training of multiple groups. Accordingly, we have updated our guidelines.

Equipment sharing, including balls, is permitted, although should be kept to a minimum and strong hand hygiene practice must be in place at all times.

Two or more groups of six may train provided they are kept separate. RFU guidance is that there should be no more than four groups per full pitch and social distancing and strict hygiene measures must be observed.

Parents/carers observing a training session at a distant from a safeguarding perspective is permitted without them being part of the participating group.

While multiple small groups can engage in training at the same site, clubs must risk assess this properly and ensure that safe and adequate distancing between groups is strictly observed.

People should avoid mixing with too many others from outside their household in a short space of time and care should be taken at all times as there is a continued risk of infection.

As physical contact with anyone outside the same household is currently not permitted, the playing of any games remains suspended.

There is no change to the guidance regarding club facilities. Each club should make individual decisions about when their outdoor facilities are ready to open and can be operated safely. Until a club believes it is safe and responsible to reopen, it should remain closed. Indoor facilities such as clubhouses should be kept closed, apart from toilets and throughways. Facilities that are open must follow relevant government guidance.

I regret to inform you all of the death of Arthur Spooner Past President, Secretary, Life Member and past player of Newbold On Avon RFC.
Arthur was well known to all of the Warwickshire Rugby fraternity and I am sure you will all join with me in offering our deepest condolences to his family at this very difficult time.

On a personal note I have very fond memories of him during and after the games that I played against him and he will be very sad loss to our great game. May He Rest In Peace. Charlie.

A reminder to all Clubs that they must complete their Payment of Players declaration for this season by Tuesday 30th June.
It may help to signpost Clubs to the England Rugby website; all FAQs and step by step guidance is available under Regulation 7 via: https://www.englandrugby.com/governance/rules-and-regulations/regulations
If any Clubs are still having issues – then please encourage them to speak to Ian/Laurence or email paymentofplayers@rfu.com

Rugby activity remains suspended. However, government advice now states that individuals may, if clubs wish to open their facilities, engage in outdoor field based individual training with members of their own households, or as part of a small group of up to six individuals from different households whilst staying two metres apart. People should avoid mixing with too many people from outside of their household in a short space of time. Any involvement of coaching personnel must be included as part of a group of six people. Care should be taken at all times as there is a continued risk of infection. Given this equipment, including rugby balls, should not be shared with anyone outside of an individual’s own household.

There is no change to the guidance regarding club facilities. Each club should make individual decisions about when their facilities are ready to open and can be operated safely. Until a club believes it is safe and responsible to re-open, it should remain closed. Facilities that are open must follow relevant government guidance.

All clubs have been sent details and criteria for the WRFU Immediate Support fund. This is to help clubs ensure they remain in a financial position to survive the 'lockdown' period.


Please be aware that RFU staff (RDO's and CRC's) have been furloughed at this time until the end of July 2020. The Social media accounts that they run may not be monitored.

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