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RFU Update 01 April 2020

Please find below the third edition of our RFU Coronavirus (COVID-19) update.

Additional information for Warwickshire clubs in red

 A lot has happened since the start of this week. We’ve taken a tough decision to furlough some of our employees, which will result in clubs having a different point of contact for a while, we've also decided to close our Rugby 365 facilities until the end of June and have cancelled training courses for the foreseeable future. In addition, we’ve made good progress in the understanding the impact of the support packages available, including government and Sport England support. More detailed information is available below.
We will continue to provide regular updates to support our clubs through this communication.

The following decisions have been announced this week:

RFU employees
Like many other businesses, including some in sport, the RFU is taking prudent steps to protect its finances and employees at this unprecedented time. We will take advantage of the government’s
Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. Furloughing of some employees is one of the ways in which we are trying to protect jobs for the future. This will include a lot of our locally deployed staff. Area Managers/central teams will be in contact individually with CBs and partners over the next few days, once we have spoken with all impacted individuals to update on the local situation and mitigation to ensure clubs remain supported. The two Warwickshire Development Officers and the CRC’s have now been stood down for the foreseeable future. Please do not try to contract them until notification is sent out that they are back in their roles. Matt Wooldridge is still working as he is the Area Manager for Area 4 but he has a large area to cover so can I ask that if you have any issues that you want addressing please come back to me initially and if I am unable to get an answer for you I will pass on to Matt.

Supplemental Pot Payments
Clubs, CBs and/or Referee Societies eligible for the Supplemental Pot Payment will be receiving an individual communication tomorrow providing details of the payment that will be made to their bank accounts on Friday 3 April 2020.
The Supplemental Pot which this refers to was due to be paid this season during the summer and is based on revenue for tickets sales that clubs etc. do not take up or resell to the Union at the club price and are then sold on at a higher price to the general  public etc. Last season it was just over £1,000 per voting club but this was based on the revenue from all of the Autumn games and the three Six Nations matches held at Twickenham. This season being a World Cup year and having only two home Six Nations matches obviously means the pot is smaller.  Therefore the amount per club this season is lower and equates to approx. £500 per club.

Payment of Players Declarations/Club Grants/Loans
Those clubs currently ineligible for RFU Benefits under Regulation 7 (Payment of Player Regulations) will not be eligible for the RFU/CB Immediate Support Fund or RFU loans in the 2019-20 season. In relation to the Immediate Support Fund, CBs are not permitted to utilise their Q1 to Q3 underspend, Q4 advance payment or their share of the additional £400,000 to support these clubs, neither can they allocate any of their match-funded reserves (against their share of the £400,000) to these clubs. Should they wish to, CBs are, however, permitted to allocate any additional sums from their own reserves to these clubs.
CBs will receive a full list of ineligible clubs in the next few days. If clubs wish to be eligible for RFU Benefits in the 2020-21 season, they must submit a Declaration in accordance with RFU Regulation 7. Further information on subsequent eligibility for loans will follow later this week.
Within Warwickshire only four clubs are affected by this and only one of them is currently an active club. Unless you hear differently from me you are an eligible club for support from the fund in Warwickshire.

As a CB we have already  committed to match the funding from the RFU and when all of the monies are released it will give us a support fund in excess of £40,000. There is strict criteria for the allocation of the support funding and this will be sent to clubs in due course. However I must stress that we will only be looking to support clubs in real financial hardship to cover basic running costs that the government is not already covering.

As the current situation develops as a CB we are looking at other ways we can support clubs especially around the time that we are given a firm indication as to when activity can resume and how we can help kick start clubs to get up and running again. I understand that this is also a high priority for the RFU and it may be another matched funding initiative when the time comes.

RFU Training Courses
All RFU training courses scheduled to take place between 1 April – 30 June 2020 have been cancelled. Anyone who has booked onto a course will receive notification and full refund. No further training courses will be scheduled until the government’s restrictions are lifted. Members of the England Rugby Coach and Referee Associations will be offered access to a weekly webinars, e-learning and digital content in the interim.

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